Over the years, your residential property can become prone to wear and tear. If property maintenance is ignored, the damage can become severe. Therefore, it is essential to get property repairs before the damage becomes a hazard to your health safety.

London is a quite busy city in the UK. It has many several residential societies with family homes to apartments. Due to the city environment, the exterior of the properties can soon require maintenance. For the interiors, the busy city life requires more frequent uses of certain functions. Therefore, the property interior can also require regular inspection and repair.

For property repairs London, you can hire a professional property maintenance service like the STONEVIEW Group. At STONEVIEW, you will be able to hire experts with the appropriate equipment to accomplish property repairs London effectively.

In this write-up, we have outlined types of property repairs London that are provided at the STONEVIEW Group.

Types of property repairs London available at STONEVIEW Group:


Emergency Repairs

Certain repair needs can arise suddenly. These repairs can often cause a hazard to the safety of residents if not attended to immediately. The list may include water on electrics, insecure properties or uncontainable flooding. Another emergency repair is broken heating, which is common between October 31 and May 1.

Urgent Repairs

Issues that can cause disruption to comfort and your routine life are known as urgent repairs. Such repairs include a power failure, lose or stuck taps, no water supply, unsafe power or light fitting. Other urgent repairs may also consist of insecure external windows, doors or locks and blocked wastes and drainage.

Planned Repairs

Property owners often seek planned repairs to improve the value of the property or add to its aesthetic. These may include fencing, external brickwork, footpaths, and guttering.

Routine Repairs

Routine repairs are not to be attended to immediately and are not harmful to the heath and safety of the residents. These types of repairs may include brickwork, plastering, and joinery.

Cyclic Maintenance

These types of issues need to be inspected on a regular basis. For example, water hygiene, gas Boiler or appliance servicing, and electrical testing. If looked into periodically, you can ensure that main functions of the house are working properly and safely. If not, they can become problematic and actually create adverse effects for the residents. Moreover, the longer they are ignored, the severe they become, which means more money to resolve them.

Property repairs are not only important for the health and safety of the people living in them but to maintain the resale value as well. For landlords, property repairs become important because it is their responsibility to provide the tenants with a comfortable living as they are paying the rent. Moreover, only a properly maintained property can be rented on the market.

For professional property repairs London, you can hire STONEVIEW Group. The company has been operating within the industry for 14 years across London. Our expertise will ensure that you get one of the best professional services available in London. Moreover, we have been certified by safety authorities.



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