There are multiple property maintenance services that are offered by professional companies. It is highly suggested to get your residential or commercial property inspected by a professional. This professional will be able to identify the maintenance issues like water leakage, roofing issues, carpenter issues and more.

STONEVIEW provides quality property maintenance services. Property maintenance professionals at the STONEVIEW Group are expert multiple services.

Here are 5 essential property maintenance services at STONEVIEW Group:


1.      Electrics

Electricity is one of the main utilities in any functioning property. Therefore, it is significant to have a productive and professionally installed electrical system. If you have any wires just hanging around, it is suggested to get them organized in order to prevent any mishap. You can also hire professional services to upgrade your existing electrical system for the purposes of special lighting or energy saving.

2.      Roofing

The roof is a quite tough part of any building. However, the roof can become damaged or become prone to wear and tear due to the weather or general environment. Before your roof starts leaking water or gets severely damaged, hire a professional to get the weak points identified and repair it accordingly.

3.      Waste Clearance

Waste accumulation is not good for your health and disrupts the aesthetic of the surroundings as well. It is possible that you had certain repairs or upgrading done on the property; perhaps you were cleaning the upholstery and carpets. This can leave lots of waste behind that can be easily removed by professional services.

4.      Plumbing

Like electricity, plumbing is essential for a functioning property as well. Plumbing is responsible for effective water distribution and heating as well. Faulty plumbing can damage the walls and disrupt routine life. Plumbing issues can be tricky to detect so professional property maintenance services are really helpful.

5.      Refurbishment

Refurbishment of a property is a common occurrence. It may include renovation of certain parts of the property or redecoration. Refurbishment can take lots of time and efforts. During the process, professional maintenance services manage organization so that routine life is not disrobed. Moreover, professionals can reduce the risk of damage to the surroundings and too much waste. Even afterward, property maintenance services have the ability to put back things in order including eliminating the waste that may have collected.

Other than these 5 property maintenance services, doors and windows, handyman work, locksmith work, fire alarm systems and decorating are also included. STONEVIEW provides all these services complying with high standards of quality and at affordable prices.

Moreover, STONEVIEW is authorized for this work by local authorities that ensure the health and safety of the public. Certifications include approval by the NICEIC for electrical installation, Gas Safe for gas works and ISO9001. The company’s services are available for local authorities, private landlords, housing associations and property management companies.

For multiple property maintenance services in London, hire STONEVIEW Group. Contact us today to learn more and talk to our customer support.



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