North London is a subregion of one of the most popular cities of the UK. It is defined differently for several purposes. Mainly consisting of districts that are to the north of the River Thames, it is mainly used in comparison to South London. However, other comparisons often include Central London, East London, and West London as well.

North London is home to many properties, both commercial and residential. One of the most demanded services in the region is property maintenance. Several Property Maintenance North London companies are offering their services to the community. The STONEVIEW Group is one the best among them.

However, before you choose a property maintenance North London service at the STONEVIEW Group, it is required to understand the importance of such services. This will help you identify your personal maintenance problems and hire a service accordingly.

Importance of Property Maintenance


Market Value

If you own a property, it is a great investment. Over the years, the real estate market can affect property prices. However, the market and resale value of the house is also affected by its condition. Moreover, the property condition is not just limited to the interiors or intricate functions like plumbing or heating. The exterior of the house like the frontyard, garden or backyard matter as much. To maintain a good resale value, you should frequently take care of property maintenance.

Landlord Responsibilities

As a landlord, you are responsible for keeping the property in reasonable conditions. This is even more important when you are looking for potential tenants. You can only justify your required rent when your property’s condition is worth it. While your tenants are still living in the house, it is important that you take care of the serious maintenance issues.

Health and Safety

Property maintenance is strongly connected to health and safety. If the property is in poor condition, it can pose serious threats to the health and safety of the residents. For example, water leaking can produce damp, which can cause respiratory issues. On the other hand, if your electrical wires are not organized, it may cause an unwanted accident.

Commercial Properties

The condition of a commercial property should not only be healthy for the safety of employees but to improve the image of your business as well. You should frequently get your place of work inspected to identify any maintenance issues.

Professional Services

Most property maintenance issues can’t be dealt with personally. It is better to hire a professional maintenance service instead of a handyman. Professionals have the ability to deal with multiple issues and own the appropriate equipment to effectively eliminate problems.

For professional property maintenance North London, hire STONEVIEW Group. The company provides multiple maintenance services across North London. Approved by the NICEIC for electrical installation, Gas Safe for gas works and ISO9001, the company’s services are available for local authorities, private landlords, housing associations and property management companies.


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